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Friday inspiration: neon



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Neon signs unite color and typography in an electric way. The result? Tangible yet untouchable art that casts the same kind of compelling spell so many of us strive to achieve in our digital designs.

To light up your imagination, sometimes all you need is a sign. Or in this case, 15.


Photo by Jessica Merz. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.


Photo by Mike Fisher. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.


Photo by Delaney Turner. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.


Photo by Roshan Vyas. Creative Commons Attribution-Noderivs 2.0 Generic.  


Photo by superde1uxe. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.


Photo by Tony Webster. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.


Photo by Phillip Pessar. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.


Photo by Alex Ford. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.


Photo by Nan Palmero. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.


Photo by Will Beard. Creative Commons Attribution-Noderivs 2.0 Generic.  


Photo by Allen. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0.


Photo by Erin Nekervis. Creative Commons Attribution-Noderivs 2.0 Generic.  


Photo by Bob Shepard. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.


Photo by Thomas Smith. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.


Photo by Seattle Municipal Archives. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

CTA for those not in hs to DO UI kit

Kristin Hillery
Contributions Editor here at InVision. Want to be featured on the InVision Blog? Get in touch.

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